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Yext Answers Platform - Local Search Optimization (SEO)

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Reach Customers Wherever They Search

Make use of voice assistants, GPS applications, local directories, and maps as your finest marketing tools.

Sync and maintain your business hours, menu items, phone numbers, and much more to 200 services internationally so that high-intent customers may discover and select you when they search.


52% more local search clicks go to businesses with comprehensive, optimized location listings.

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To see just how accurate your business information is across the web, click the button below, fill out the basic contact info, and our tools will do the rest. If you find the result less than stellar, we’ll be happy to help.

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A collection of endpoints that offers solutions through the broadest worldwide network in the sector with more than 250 direct integration partners.

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Landing pages with SEO optimization that provide solutions on commercial websites and in natural third-party search results.

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An interface that enables companies to control all of the opinions expressed by the public regarding their goods and services.

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An intelligent search engine that provides users with immediate responses to their queries across privately owned websites, applications, and workplaces.

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A central location where companies may monitor the effectiveness of their answers in both first- and third-party instances.

What is YEXT Answers Platform?

Watch these videos to see what the Yext Answers Platform is and how it can help grow your business.

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