ADA & WCAG Compliance

Accentuate Inclusivity with Web Accessibility

Every business website must be accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) title III, or it runs the danger of being sued and incurring needless legal costs. To address this issue, we advise using our AI and machine learning web accessibility solution. Our analysis indicates that this is the most cost-effective and straightforward option available right now.

Our Services Provide:


ADA, WCAG 2.1 Level AA& Section 508 compliance.


An accessibility statement and certification of performance.


Ongoing maintenance involving re-scan of your website every 24 hours.

Illustration of web accessible design

 What is accessWidget?

AccessiBe’s accessWidget is the industry-leading Al-powered web accessibility solution for ensuring that websites are both WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and other accessibility standards compliant as well as accessible to users with disabilities. AccessWidget significantly decreases costs and time by utilizing Al and automation, enabling web accessibility for companies of all sizes, from small to large corporations.

WCAG 2.1


IS 5568






Section 508


EAA/EN 301548


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Ongoing Compliance

In order to preserve ADA and WCAG compliance in any new content or pages that are uploaded after the first remediation, accessWidget will re-scan and re-analyze a website every 24 hours.

Improved Perfomance

Accessible websites benefit from up to 20% more visitors, a longer average session length, a lower bounce rate, higher SEO rankings, and higher conversion rates.

How does the technology work?

AccessWidget makes use of two programs that work together to comply. All design and layout modifications are handled via the accessible interface, while the more complex needs, such as screen-reader and keyboard navigation optimization, are taken care of by an Al-powered background process.

The accessible interface offers adjustments for legible fonts, size, spacing, color contrasts, cursors, em phases, and more. It meets around 30% of the standards. Users can choose between standalone modifications, accessibility profiles, or both. The profiles group together typical accessible setups that together handle a particular handicap, such vision impairments, epilepsy, or ADHD.

AI Powered Widget

The complicated needs needed for screen reader and keyboard navigation changes are addressed by accessWidget using technologies like as contextual understanding, OCR, and picture recognition. These could only be completed manually using time-consuming, difficult, and expensive projects before accessWidget.

Every 24 hours following the first remediation, the Al automatically rescans a website to make sure that all content additions and adjustments are also compliant and accessible.

Accessibe Website Accessibility Widget Interface

Web Accessibility and the ADA

Watch this short video to learn more about web accessibility legislation and how it may affect your business. (2:21 minutes)

Explore How the AccessWidget Works to Keep Your Business Compliant 

Watch this short video to learn more about the AccessWidget and how it helps your site visitors with disabilities. (3:33 minutes)

Accessibility Without Compromise

The majority of users won’t notice any changes as a result of accessWidget. It will only operate as an overlay on your website, only during the user’s particular session, and only when enabled using the interface (or a screen-reader if the user is blind).

As a result, accessWidget has no impact whatsoever on your design, Ul, or performance. The whole procedure is computerized, from corrective action to compliance. Furthermore, as we don’t gather user data, we have no impact on your GDPR compliance.