Project: Missions Trip Recap Video Production Services
Client: First Baptist Church of Columbia | City English Project, BANGKok, Thailand
Tools Used: Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects

Thailand Mission Trip Recap/Vision Casting Video

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In 2018, we had the incredible privilege of joining the missions team from First Baptist Church of Columbia, TN, on an exciting expedition to the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, where we embarked on the creation of an awe-inspiring recap video that masterfully communicates the heart and purpose of our team’s remarkable journey in Thailand. Not only did we showcase the profound impact of the Columbia First Family team’s involvement in the local ministry City English Project in Bangkok, but we also sought to ignite a renewed vision for the ministry within our very own church congregation. Through the artful fusion of captivating interviews and meticulously captured footage, showcasing the breath-taking landscapes, the diverse culture of Thailand, and the bustling activities of the ministry in Bangkok, we were able to weave together a compelling story that truly captures the spirit and essence of the ministry, while also conveying how individuals from the U.S. and the local Columbia congregation can actively contribute towards furthering this vital mission. With our unwavering commitment to excellence in video production and seamless editing, our collective efforts breathed life into the very essence of this extraordinary experience. This journey was nothing short of extraordinary, and it is an immense privilege to have been part of it.

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